Global automotive finance, leasing and fleet software provider, Sofico has partnered with Belgian software house Connective, to introduce a new electronic signature capability to its software Miles.

"With the integration of Connective’s eSignatures module, Miles users can invite prospects or customers to complete and sign documents and contracts with just a few simple clicks," the company wrote.

Sofico and Connective had already collaborated over Connective’s digital documents, which put business users in control of designing and creating document templates and, following positive feedback from clients, both companies decided to embark on a new joint project to integrate digital signature capabilities within Miles.

Wim Bauwens, sales and marketing executive, at Sofico, said: "Now, there is no need to wait for a signed customer contract or supplier agreement to be returned via the mail. Electronic signatures speed up the process, are completely legal and provide total compliance. They act as clear and irrefutable evidence of another party’s intentions without any ambiguity."