Mark Lyons Recruitment, which this month launched a charity cycling initiative in conjunction with AFPA Trust and LTi Technology Solutions, says the winner’s podium is ready to accept its first champion as its inaugural event, on 7 May, continues to accept participants. 

“Virtual daily podium places, yellow Tour Leader and King of the Mountains jerseys will be awarded to spice things up a little as cyclists will have the opportunity to wear themselves out a little, contribute to the team effort and do some good for a great cause,” says Lyons, a recruitment specialist for the asset finance and leasing sector. 

The inspiration behind the initiative said Lyons is to bring together a cycling network of like-minded individuals for the benefit of raising money for charitable causes and keeping mentally and physically fit. 

The first event in the series will see AFPA Trust doing a Virtual Cycle Tour of Britain where the participants who are fundraising for lifesaving cancer research have the flexibility to choose how and when they ride: either stationary or on the road. 

The event will include seven (stage) days of riding: anytime from 7am on Friday 7th and 9.30pm on Thursday 13th. 

The seven-stage sponsors have been announced, these are: Tower, VitrX, Wesleyan Bank, Global Lifecycle, Victis, Propel and DF Capital

All rider’s mileage will be aggregated to see how much of Britain the riders can cover. The event is being sponsored by LTi Technology Solutions.

The event will raise funds for The Christie Charity.

Lyons said that as the network grows he plans to establish virtual racing competitions with AFPA Trust. 

By conducting these races online, people can join in after work so they can be involved in a bit of friendly industry competition, he said. 

He explained that the idea is to arrange some online races for people to attend as well as helping AFPA Trust setting up charity events throughout the year where participants can choose to cycle indoors, outdoors or a bit of both. 

To register for the first event please go to

AFPA Trust is a registered charity supporting good causes and improving connections in the leasing, asset finance and alternative funding sectors.

To find out more about the growing cycling community, please visit: