Nordic Finance, a Stockholm-based equipment finance lessor, has unveiled a collaboration with auction platform for the leasing of used equipment and machines.

Nordic Finance said it has experienced increased interest from its customers recently in used machinery from both an economic and sustainability perspective.

Mats Westergård, business development manager at Nordic Finance, said: “With an increasing focus on the climate impact of consumption, we see an increased awareness of reuse. We see increased interest from entrepreneurs to think from a circular economic perspective.

“During Covid-19, there have also been production stoppages at several manufacturers and then many apply to the used market to get access to the equipment they need for their business. Our collaboration with Budi helps us meet both of these trends. ”

Through the collaboration, companies that want to bid on auction objects at can also easily and quickly apply for a leasing promise via Nordic Finance. This arrangement hands purchasing power to the entrepreneur and allows them to bid for goods safely and easily, the company said.

Mats said: “We want to give increased purchasing power to entrepreneurs in a simple way through leasing.

“We see that customers bring their private behaviour into the corporate world, which of course places other demands on services aimed at entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur wants to be able to find objects and shop digitally, which means that the financing needs to move in as a natural part of the purchase process. ”

Stefan Barnowsky, founder and auction broker of Budi: “When we started, one of the driving forces was to create a service that makes it easy for sellers and buyers to do business.

“We increased our service to the customer as in the same platform as you find goods for auction, you can also estimate a monthly cost for leasing the goods at different bid levels,” he said.

Through the Budi collaboration, Nordic Finance can offer its suppliers a platform to sell their used machines via an efficient auction platform, the company said in a statement.

Nordic Finance, a provider of leasing services, which is headquartered in Stockholm and has offices in Finland, was established in 2007.