Brendan Gleeson, the former Group CEO of White Clarke Group, has accepted an executive leadership role with IDS as its newly created chief strategy officer. 

The move comes in the wake of IDS‘s acquisition of White Clarke Group which has created “the world’s largest provider of secured finance technology for equipment, automotive, and working capital finance sectors” according to a press release.

Gleeson will play a strategic role in identifying industry and technology trends and translating them into strategic insights to expand value across the comprehensive solution portfolio, the company said in a press release. 

IDS recently acquired White Clarke Group, where Gleeson served as its Group CEO since 2013. The two companies are now combined as one to create a multi-asset class secured finance technology powerhouse supporting banks, independent finance, and OEM captives globally. 

Picture: Brendan Gleeson

“Brendan’s innovation leadership and strategic direction at White Clarke Group led to the development of a world-class portfolio of solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the automotive, wholesale and equipment finance marketplace,” said David Hamilton, CEO of IDS. 

“As part of the IDS executive team, he will continue to drive innovation by identifying mid- and long-term strategic needs of the broader secured finance industry and capitalise on technology trends to bring to market forward-leaning solutions and innovative products for our customers.”

A seasoned veteran, Gleeson brings nearly 30 years of industry experience with an entrepreneurial spirit and successful track record and vision in developing and executing global strategies, international expansions, and technology product innovation.

“The technology landscape is rapidly evolving and requires dedicated focus to be able to innovate at the speed and scale our customer’s demand,” said Gleeson. 

“Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning coupled with changes in consumer behaviour such as consumption-based subscriptions are reshaping market dynamics and creating new opportunities in secured finance. As these digital trends accelerate, financing firms will look to IDS to deliver innovative products to navigate the new normal with confidence,” Gleeson added.