In 2022, Dawsongroup Finance (DGF), part of Dawsongroup PLC, underwrote and funded 75% of deals in-house, with an existing portfolio of £150m.

Last year the company unveiled its ambition to become a provider of supply chain asset finance and transition from a broker-positioned business to a finance company lending its own money.

Expansion of DGF’s own-book lending will allow it to maximise its supply chain knowledge based on a network of 900 professional colleagues working across Dawsongroup PLC, the company said in a statement.

To this end, DGF can offer terms for assets – such as trucks, trailers and vans – using its ability to agree on residual values on large volumes of assets, it added.

The company works across multiple sectors to help UK businesses protect their vital capital reserves with asset financing which allows them to manage their essential assets in the most cost-effective way, the company said in a statement.

Kevin Wills, managing director of Dawsongroup, said: “New business proposals are answered in less than one working day. Deals up to £20m do not take much longer – the last one at this level took just 48 hours.”

In December 2020, Dawsongroup announced it had secured a major leasing contract worth £15m to supply delivery trucks and trailers for an unnamed supermarket chain, enabling the firm’s expansion of delivery capacity over the festive period.

Through securing the contract, the asset finance firm will support logistics and material handling companies to temporarily expand their fleets, in preparation of an unprecedented surge in Christmas shopping.

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