Close Brothers Asset Finance is to offer a fully financed electric vehicle charging installation after it signed a partnership with RAW Charging and ChargePoint.

The partnership will allow companies and organisations to have smart electric vehicle chargers installed in their car parks and spread the cost over 5 to 7 years. It will also enable customers to manage access, set pricing, monitor energy use, analyse utilisation and various other features.

Close Brothers Asset Finance are predicting a significant rise in the take up of electric commercial vehicles, which could create opportunity for businesses to increase charging infrastructure to support the shifting mobility landscape.

As part of the electric vehicle charging partnership, fleet managers will be able to use software tools such as power and energy management. RAW Charging advertises that organisations – including golf clubs, retail parks, farm shops, cafes and pubs – are now able to drive revenue from their car park as well as attract new customers into their business through electric vehicle charging.

John Fawcett, chief executive officer for Close Brothers transport division, said: “We are delighted to have been selected as RAW Energy’s funding partner for ChargePoint charging stations. The EV revolution is really starting to take hold – in August, sales of electric vehicles reached a record high, accounting for one in every 12 new cars purchased in the UK. We have long been supporters of the move towards more efficient vehicles and look forward to an exciting future.”

RAW Charging is part of the RAW Energy Group and have been developing and financing renewable energy projects around the UK, including solar, wind, biomass and anaerobic digestion. RAW Energy has worked with and advised many of the UKs largest sustainability funds and is a consultant to both developers and funders.

“With the impending growth of the electric vehicle market in the UK it is essential that companies and organisations are able to spread the cost of both the equipment and installation of the infrastructure,” said Bruce Galliford, chief executive officer at RAW Charging. “It was important for us to have a strong finance partner who could match the sophistication of the ChargePoint network and expected demand over the coming years of growth.”

Tony Mills, director of commercial accounts & channels for Europe at ChargePoint, said: “The revolution in mobility is upon us and the signs are clear, the shift to mass electric transportation is an unstoppable train with no signs of turning back. ChargePoint is committed to helping pave the way to an all-electric future and collaborating with partners like Close Brothers and RAW Charging is key to building out the fuelling network of the future that will support the shift to electric mobility and transition to fleets in the years to come.”

In May, Close Brother Asset Finance surveyed 1000 SMEs in the UK and found that 75% were in favour of clean air zones.