Damian Quinn, director of Quinn Recruitment, considers his company’s journey throughout the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, and how its £200K invoice finance facility with Ultimate Finance has helped.

Ultimate Finance: What made you start a recruitment business?   

Damian Quinn: I knew that I was able to run a recruitment business as I’d done it before but not on my own. I had the contacts and the reputation, but could I do it in the middle of a pandemic? I wasn’t put off by the challenge, so I took the plunge and launched Quinn Recruitment in November 2021. 

Why was an Invoice Finance facility the right solution for your business at the time?  

I was looking for a funding partner that would not just provide me with the funding support I needed but also that could understand my business – it was important to me that our visions align. Someone who was already with Ultimate Finance recommended them to me and I thought I’d give them a try. From the first meeting with Senior Regional Director, Al Logan they showed me that they were passionate about businesses, and above all about my business. I had spoken to other providers, but Ultimate Finance just seemed right for Quinn Recruitment. The Invoice Finance facility has given us the ability to grow quickly without having to wait for the payments to come in from clients. This has given us the opportunity to take on extra business and we now find ourselves in a good position financially. 

What is it like having a single relationship manager looking after your account?   

Working with Ben has been a delight and over time he’s come to understand me as a person, not just a client or a business owner and it’s a much more relaxed working relationship than I expected to have from a funding partner. He’s always on hand if we have any questions, and for us it’s great to know exactly who we can turn to whenever we need to speak with the Ultimate Finance team, which makes managing the account so much simpler. 

What’s next for Quinn Recruitment?  

Our plans for the future? Not sure currently, but having the funding solution in place has benefitted us as a business. The one thing we knew we wouldn’t be able to manage on our own when we launched was protecting our cashflow on the payroll side. Those uncertainties have all gone away thanks to the Invoice Finance solution so now really it’s just about growing the business organically.