Created just two years ago, Acquis Insurance Management Limited has already won lots of admirers because of the company’s commitment to maximising the full benefit from insurance for its many clients including BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, ING Lease and Investec Asset Finance plc.


Photograph of Acquis Insurance Management Limited Founding Director John ChadwickAcquis Insurance Management Limited (Acquis) was created two years ago by its three Founding Directors, John Chadwick, Andrew Hobby and Nick Hunt.

The three had worked together in providing insurance products and programmes to the Leasing and Finance industry since the mid 1990s.

They realised there was a need to create an independent insurance broker and administration company that could quickly move with the changing environment to provide the very best solutions to their lessor clients.

The economic and regulatory climate is so different to that of a few years ago and there are new challenges for the Leasing and Finance industry to face.

As partners to this industry through insurance (also a rapidly changing environment) they knew that there was an opportunity for a new, innovative insurance partner that could deliver creative and flexible solutions for lessors’ changing insurance needs.

Following the usual non-compete period following resignation from their previous employer, Acquis approached the market, outlining their plans and the opportunities that were now available to the leasing market by partnering with Acquis.

The first insurance programme went live in September 2010 and Acquis has enjoyed great success in increasing its client base in the following year with 11 lessors now partners, including BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, ING Lease and Investec Asset Finance plc.

Acquis are also in the process of implementing several new client accounts both in the UK and other EEA states.

Acquis has had a clean slate, with no legacy systems or expectations from an existing shareholder, but with the benefit of many years of experience.

This has enabled Acquis to take a fresh look at how to be the best partner for lessors with regard to their insurance requirements.

"The creation of flexible IT systems and operations has been paramount to delivering excellent, efficient service to our clients and their customers," remarked Founding Director John Chadwick.

"These systems are effective today, but also flexible enough to be adapted to the future needs of our lessor partners."

It was important that Acquis also recruited experienced, talented professionals who could bring fresh ideas and perspectives to further enhance the growth and management of the business going forward.

"Our service standards, when dealing with the lessor’s customers, have to be at least as good as the very best of our clients as we often represent our clients to their customers," continued Chadwick.

The world is a small place now with many lessors having a European or even global presence.

All of these markets need local solutions to best fit the local customers and Acquis is structured to have that flexibility as they grow internationally, thereby providing Acquis’ clients with genuine support whilst meeting local needs.

Acquis’ reach and capability to assist lessors has also been broadened by being able to search the underwriting market for the best solution for their clients.

This could be from a traditional insurer, working with a group insurance captive, or by assisting the client to establish their own captive insurance solution.

This creates flexibility by providing the appropriate marketing approach for the section of the lessor’s customer base, whether due to size of deal, sales channel or customer type.

These areas collectively enable Acquis to work with all types of lessors from a broker with a small own book to a multi -territory captive or a bank owned international lessor with own book and vendor programmes.

Chadwick commented: "Acquis is fully committed to continuing to innovate and assist our clients in maximising the full benefit from insurance in terms of risk transfer, income generation and adding value to the customers as we go forward together."