Last month I used this space to add my voice to a growing
chorus championing the young and up-and-coming in the leasing industry.

This month I want to change my tune a little and focus on those established leaders of the industry. But I’ll ask you to imagine this new song contains a leitmotif pointing you back to youthfulness, nonetheless.

Leasing Life recently launched the nomination process for its second Power 50 – a list of the 50 most influential figures in the industry.

In the inaugural list, published in December 2012 (LL 231), it was the bank-owned lessors of Western Europe that dominated, although several business leaders from Eastern Europe also made the list.

There were places in the list for top executives from manufacturer finance firms, consultants, advisors and trade body representatives too. A number of, perhaps, unexpected external influencers also made the list in the form of politicians and bureaucrats who have, or will likely have, an impact on the European industry.

What we want to know now is this: what has changed? Which is why I once again turn to the readership and ask you to nominate those who have the biggest scope to change the sector or are responsible for the shape of the market today.

Anybody can be nominated in this process so long as it can be pointed out just how they influence the market and I encourage all those wishing to nominate to think beyond the most obvious candidates.

Take a look at last year’s list – are there some names missing? If so, send them in and say why they matter.

Consider the work of trade bodies, look at the reach of global bank-owned leasing networks and the strategies of independent lenders. Have captive finance providers increased sway in the market and has the growth in major Eastern markets continued or stalled? Either way, have your say and put forward the names of the people shaping that change.

Now hear that pattern of sprightly notes return; perhaps there are figures below senior level emerging and gaining influence in the industry to such an extent as to justify inclusion in this top 50 list.

The votes will be counted and a top 50 adjudicated by the editorial staff at Leasing Life. All nominations will be anonymous so you are free to vote for yourself, if you have a reason, or your colleagues or competitors.

If you want to have your say on who the most powerful figures in European leasing are, then please send in a list of between 10 and 15 people to me.

Has power shifted and the state of industry changed or are the people at the top still in control?

It’s over to you.


Grant Collinson, editor