Welcome to the first Leasing Life (deputy) editor’s letter of 2013. As this is the dawning of a brand new year it seems as appropriate a time as any for some new beginnings.

For those who don’t already know, this magazine’s editor, Fred Crawley, has taken the reins of fellow publications The Accountant and International Accounting Bulletin alongside sister publication Motor Finance.

As such, with a firm grasp on the coat-tails of my superior, I have been elevated from humble reporter to supercilious deputy editor and taken responsibility for the day-to-day running of Leasing Life.

Fred, like many a proud craftsman, was a little reluctant to see the work of his days and his hands passed on to another, and I was hesitant to drop his polished monthly editorial for my own garbled musings, so was happy to have Fred continue writing his letter to you on this page.

However, with 2012 coming successfully to a close without even a hint of apocalypse, I think it is about time I took advantage and introduced myself formally on these pages.

Hi, I am Grant. I’ll be taking to my soapbox every month for your diversion.

Fred is still the man in charge at Leasing Life and has neither relinquished his right to state his opinions here, nor his enthusiasm for this industry – despite his new charges – so will no doubt occasionally brush me aside to tell you what he thinks.

Before then, however, I wish to take this opportunity, not to opine – there will be plenty of time for that – but to invite you to do so instead.

You will all no doubt have noticed leasinglife.com had a bit of a facelift towards the end of 2012.

Not only does the new-look website come with more pictures and better navigation, but it includes a brand new blog section which means we can host more of your comments, analysis, thoughts and ideas which we don’t always have space in the print copy to accommodate.

Therefore, I’d like to ask readers to contact me if there is something they want to start a debate on, or feel there is a feature or news article, online or in print, which warrants a reply.

We won’t publish absolutely anything, but if it is a good point well made we are happy to be a platform for discussion.
In my year-and-a-half with Leasing Life, I have been lucky enough to meet many of you in your offices and at industry social events or least have a chat over the phone.

I see my newfound monthly responsibility as a chance to widen and develop those discussions and to start new ones.

So, please, write to me, phone me, tweet me, or drop me a line on LinkedIn.
Consider the 2013 conversation open.

Grant Collinson
Deputy editor