Well, that’s summer over.

But I’m not gloomy; after all the temperature in London is still pleasant and the leaves are not yet turning. Plus I still have a week’s holiday to take so while you are reading this, I’ll be on a beach.

What’s more, September may officially mark the beginning of autumn but it also brings with it the start of the industry conference season.

This year the agenda across the various leasing industry events has something of a youthful look about it which I fully welcome.

I don’t say that just as one of the younger attendees to these events – despite my balding pate and unkempt facial hair, I’m still claiming youth is on my side – but because an injection of youthful vigour will be hugely positive for the industry.

Leaseurope’s Future Group, a panel of 16 young leasing professionals identified as potential future leaders, will be meeting this month to finalise presentations ahead of the Leaseurope Annual Convention in Rome.

The Leasing Foundation, itself a fledgling addition to the leasing industry, will officially launch its Future Leaders programme at its inaugural annual conference at the end of the month.

And in December, Leasing Life will announce its second Young Professional of the Year winner at the awards dinner following our conference.

You can read about Leaseurope’s Future Group on page 14, but, as a solution to the much-vaunted problem of leadership legacy, having aspiring young professionals present ideas on how to improve the industry to a conference hall of leasing’s established leaders, strikes me as a rather elegant and bold one.

So too the programme to be set up by the Foundation; the not-for-profit group wants to provide a learning network through which ambitious leasing high-fliers can develop leadership skills through interaction with those at the top of the industry. See the news on page 6.

Both schemes have the potential to identify and nurture the chief executives and managing directors of tomorrow, but also to shake up the industry today.

Getting emerging talent from outside the boardroom talking and collaborating with colleagues from across different companies, departments and disciplines, as well as with those at the top, is just the sort of mechanism to stimulate everyone in the industry to start challenging themselves and generating new ideas.

I don’t mean to say the annual cabal of conference attendees have been resting on their laurels of late – far from it. After all, the two programmes are the product of brainstorming by industry leaders.

Nonetheless, the introduction of new faces, and young, hungry minds is just the sort of variable to help get sparks flying in the industry. And isn’t that something to get excited about as the nights begin to draw in?


Grant Collinson, editor