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Samantha Yardley

When time is of the essence for contracts

Sam Yardley considers the implications of a shipping charter ruling on equipment lease agreements.

Don’t get caught in the insurance trap

Sam Yardley considers the recent judgment in Re Digital Satellite Warranty Cover Ltd.

2013 is the year for lessees and lessors to consider FATCA

Samantha Yardley discusses the far-reaching implications of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act on lessors and lessees

Monitoring suitable cases for treatment

At the time of writing, the much amended Health and Social Care Bill 2011 is still making its tortuous way through Parliament, and we have yet to see if the current version will come through unscathed. A thought should be spared for banks and lessors who are attempting to formulate credit policies for providing finance to health service providers, particularly NHS Foundation Trusts, against a background of ever-shifting rules and regulations.