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Spoiler alert: bilflåde

Richard Irvine-Brown of Motor Finance uncovers a fleet-based conspiracy from his couch.

Fleet Friday IX: SMMT, Acfo, Kwik-Fit & Mazda

Sales of new vehicles for company fleets grew last year by 4.7% while the private market saw a drop in volumes.

Green Washing

Even to cynics and sceptics there is an obvious gain to be made in the reduction of fuel cost and the tax breaks that European governments will give to those reducing their carbon footprint.

LeasePlan to deliver 650 electric vehicles in Europe

The Netherlands-based company LeasePlan Corporation, which operates a fleet of 1.3 million multi-marque vehicles globally, is to make 650 Opel Ampera electric vehicles available to fleet customers in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Greece, the UK and Turkey by the end of 2012.