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Drive asset demand to stimulate volume

Peter Hunt analyses the FLA market statistics for the year 2010 to 31 October. It is concerning to see that at £1.44bn (1.7bn), business finance excluding big ticket transactions was down 4% in October, against a weak comparable month in 2009. At £406m, big ticket volumes for October were the second highest of any month in 2010, continuing the mini-revival since the August low point of £46m

Databank: September 2010

Peter Hunt analyses market statistics for the year to 30 September. Though not as strong as Junes figures, Septembers quarter end volumes offered an increase over the previous two months. In so doing, FLA business finance volumes excluding big ticket showed small year-on-year growth (up 1.1%)

Databank: November 2010

Monthly new business volumes written by FLA members in August present again an unclear, possibly transitional picture, as the market struggles to move from decline into growth After 19% growth in June then an 8% fall in July, business finance volumes (excluding big ticket) were exactly level with the same period last year

Databank: October 2010

After a very positive June when new business volumes exceeded the £2bn mark, the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) business finance market dipped in July. Business finance excluding big ticket dropped 8% on last year, though the underlying three-month growth figure remains positive at 4% above the same period last year.

Data: September 2010

The Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) business finance market topped £2bn (2.4bn) in June, the first month to achieve that threshold since March 2009 Business finance volumes excluding big ticket showed a very healthy 19% jump on last year, the biggest monthly gain since February 2008.

Databank: August 2010

New business volumes in May among Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) members saw business finance volumes (excluding big ticket) up 4% on May 2009, the second upturn in the past three months.

Databank: July 2010

After Marchs year-end high, FLA members business finance volumes for April were understandably lower but still reinforced the view that the market is slowly turning around. Excluding big ticket, new business volumes were £1.3bn (1.6bn), down less than 1% on last year

UK databank: June 2010

Marchs business finance volume (excluding big ticket) was up nearly 11% on the previous year, the first annual increase since September 2008

Databank: May 2010

It is not clear whether Januarys bad weather had a distorting effect on Februarys new business volumes, but on the face of things it appeared to be a slightly more positive month. FLA members (excluding big ticket) reported volumes 5.8% up on Januarys total, with an 11% drop on the previous year the most positive year-on-year monthly result since September 2008.

Positive signs in mid-ticket

With an increase in deal flow, a hike in margins and fresh demand in previously inactive sectors, now could be the time to invest again in the mid-ticket leasing market While FLA statistics have highlighted the continued decline of new business in 2009, at least some finance companies in the mid-ticket market (£100,000-£5 million) are starting to see some positive signs that suggest that things may be turning slowly upwards.