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Databank: August 2010

New business volumes in May among Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) members saw business finance volumes (excluding big ticket)…

By PeterHunt

Databank: July 2010

After Marchs year-end high, FLA members business finance volumes for April were understandably lower but still reinforced the view…

By PeterHunt

UK databank: June 2010

Marchs business finance volume (excluding big ticket) was up nearly 11% on the previous year, the first annual increase…

By PeterHunt

Databank: May 2010

It is not clear whether Januarys bad weather had a distorting effect on Februarys new business volumes, but on…

By PeterHunt

Walking a tightrope

With bad debt rising in sub-£10,000 deals, is now the time to be exiting the micro-ticket market? While economic…

By PeterHunt