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French leasing on the mend

The French leasing industry has seen a resurgence of business, especially in the fields of transport and real estate, thanks to government measures that incentivised investment However, economic uncertainty means it will be a while before the market regains the stability it enjoyed before the crisis

Brazil points way to regional growth

The Latin America leasing market was not left unscathed by the global financial crisis, but momentum was maintained and the long-term outlook is promising, Mark Wilding reports.

Vendor finance in Latin America a major part of the market

Vendor finance is a major part of the market in Latin America but is different in one major respect the sector relies far less heavily on vehicle leasing.

Turkey bounces back

The Turkish leasing market is recovering after regulatory intervention and the financial crisis dealt a double blow to the sector

Major player returns to form in 2010

Vendor finance plays a major role in Turkeys leasing market and experienced a significant return to form last year. The market for vendor finance increased by 31% between 2009 and 2010, according to Dogus Karaca, credit and finance manager at MAN Financial Services. It is an impressive level of growth, despite being below the 45% seen in the wider leasing market