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Imponderable factors affect asset and liability values

Keith Wilson summarises a recent Supreme Court case deciding if an Event of Default had occurred.

Syndicated loan shock for mezzanine lenders

Transaction documents may not give mezzanine lenders a de facto seat with seniors at the negotiating table.

All that glisters is not gold

One of the biggest changes in aircraft finance in the last few years has been the coming into effect of the Cape Town Convention in November 2001 and the subsequent adoption of the Convention by 52 states around the world. The widespread adoption has been assisted by US Exim, a main source of new aircraft finance, offering a reduction of up to a third on the financing costs it charges to airlines in countries which adopt and implement the treaty.

Problems caused by ‘Mercury’ decision

In the Mercury case (R (on the application of Mercury Tax Group and another) v HMRC (2008), a signature page to a deed attached to an earlier draft was signed by a party