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Beware: the digital age is here

Our IT support man fixed the problem, which he thought was caused somehow by the fallout from a solar flare he read about in Geek Weekly (Geek Weekly is made up, the solar flare is not)

Is a 100% risk index 100% correct?

How is it Syscap Ltd and CF Finance Ltd have a DNB risk score identical to ING Lease (UK) Ltd and identical to that of eminent UK brands such as BT, BA, Tesco and Asda and even better than Microsoft, Cartier, NatWest and Rolex? How can a small UK broker with a net worth of £9,903 have a risk index of 90 while the mighty powerhouse of Investec Asset Finance PLC, with its £51m turnover, £13.3m net profit and 84 staff, is only slightly better with a risk score of 91

Make or break in 18 seconds

A decade or so ago the typical company credit report cost about £20 and the hard copy (eventually) landed on the customers desk via the fax machine

10 ways to build value in a broker

In the second part of his M&A series, Jeremy Hall looks at how to make a broker worth buying I recently met a broker, a one-man business trading for many years with fewer than 1,000 customers

They always smile with a cheque in hand

There are many perils to buying a lease book or customer portfolio but there are rewards too, says Jeremy Hall Selling Wyse Leasing (North) in 2006, I was bound by a (fair and reasonable)restrictive covenant clause relating to the IT sector. Organic growth in a market I know well is one thing, organic growth in a totally new sector is much more challenging

To buy or not to buy?

Why is there a reluctance for mergers and acquisitions among brokers Buying a leasing company is normally the reserve of multinationals with deep pockets and grand plans

Brokers make their New Year resolutions

As we pack away the Christmas decorations, our attention returns to business and whats in store for 2011

Social disease or business bonanza?

Internet networking is widely recognised as the future of marketing, but is it really as good as some people make us believe?

Broker comment: 98% good news

With so much talk about bad debt, fraud, arrears and suppliers not honouring their obligations – not to mention leasing company losses – it is too easy to forget the good news.

The keys to the treasure chest

Last month, veteran leasing specialist Jeremy Hall sold Wyse Leasing, the lease brokerage business he founded 20 years ago Our local HSBC branch has recently seen an unprecedented demand for new business bank accounts, suggesting that redundancies although potentially devastating can provide the catalyst some budding entrepreneurs need to start up a business for themselves.