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FCA insists on forebearance for customers in default

New rules mean will mean changes to collection policy and procedures warns James Baird

Busting fraud for good

Gateleys James Baird considers the ways in which the industry can combat fraud in a modern world The credit crunch taught us there will always be banks and always be money

Appeal court overturns ownership decision

Hire Purchase Act used to help consumer purchaser win title from seller. The Court of Appeal in Kulkarni vs Manor Credit (Davenham) Ltd has overturned a first instance judge and decided that in the circumstances of the case, title to a car passed on delivery and not before. It also allowed a consumer purchaser (Dr Kulkarni) to acquire title from a seller (Gwent) which had no title to the vehicle, by relying on Section 27 of the Hire Purchase Act 1964 (as amended) (see timeline, below).

Advantages of the law of conversion

A look at conversion in the context of the Thornycroft 1862 fraud This is examined amid the Global EPP case The underlying principle upon which the UK finance industry is based is that of trust and measured risk