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Strict compliance and on-demand guarantees

The High Court recently held that the doctrine of strict compliance does not automatically apply to on-demand guarantees. Greg Standing, partner and head of the retail and finance automotive sector group at Gowling WLG, takes a closer look at how this could impact the leasing industry

Standing: EU and UK regulation bound to diverge post-Brexit

Greg Standing, partner at Gowling WLG, says that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Handbook has enough similarities with EU law so as to limit disruption for brokers and lessors, but that divergence between UK and EU law is bound to happen.

Purpose of loan must be clear to lenders to gain exemption protection

Greg Standing, partner in the finance litigation team at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co, talks Consumer Credit Act case law.

Hike in court issue fees may encourage earlier mediation

Finance companies will find that as of 9 March 2015, it became more expensive to issue (and unsuccessfully defend) a claim with a value of £10,000 or more. Indeed, for a claim of £200,000, the increase in the issue fee from £1,515 to £10,000 represents an eye-watering 576% increase!

Complaints handling under scrutiny

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in collaboration with 15 major retail financial firms and five trade bodies, has undertaken a forward-looking thematic review of the way consumer complaints are handled. It has also sought input from the Financial Ombudsman Service, industry trade associations and consumer bodies

Anti-discharge provisions depend on the variations

It is wiser for guarantors to negotiate variations to contracts to avoid disputes argues Greg Standing.

Definitely worth the paper it was written on

Representations that equipment was fit for purpose created enforceable collateral contract

“As she was” didn’t exclude implied satisfactory quality

A broken down tanker is subject to a dispute over the Sales Of Goods Act. Greg Standing explains

Execution need not be painful

A party seeking to extricate itself from a contract will look at every aspect of the contract to ascertain if there is a way of getting out without being in breach. Failure to comply with the formalities of execution of documents, including leasing agreements, may prove one such way out. However, this is less likely to be the case following the Court of Appeal decision in Williams and others v Redcard Ltd and others.

Caught by own conditions?

Clause 8 of the agreement dealt with renewal option and disposal and provided that the vehicle could be sold at the end of the hire period with Waite acting as Paccars agent on certain terms.