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Letter to the editor: Grasping the golden opportunity

Fred Crawleys editors letter (Lets get together LL 227 August) noted that leasing organisations are a bit like buses; you wait for one and then two come along at once. Fred welcomed the new Leasing Foundation and the possibility that a new membership organisation would be formed in the UK to build on the successful Cordoba Group lunches. There was a danger that with too many voices representing the sector, the right voices could get drowned out in the resulting cacophony, he noted. However so long as cooperation and a strong sense of community is maintained between the two new groups and the established trade associations, including the FLA, there would be a golden opportunity for the industry, he concluded.

Has relationship banking had its day?

Barclays decision to no longer provide asset finance support to firms with a turnover of less than £5m (6m) will have come as a bitter blow to SMEs across the country, especially those who thought they could rely on the bank with whom they have built a long and productive relationship.