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Stranded on the runway

The recent English High Court judgment in ACG Acquisition XX LLC v Olympic Airlines (2012) EHWC 1070 (Comm) has attracted considerable attention from the leasing community as it concerns the circumstances in which the defective condition of an aircraft might entitle the operating lessee to refuse to pay rent. While the court found in favour of ACG, the judgment must be viewed against the particular wording of the lease, and the availability of the principle of estoppel by representation on these facts

Getting to grips with aircraft engines

The question is often asked: why has the financing of aircraft engines not developed and diversified to the same extent as the financing of aircraft This can, in part, be explained by the fact that an aircraft operators primary objective to keep the fleet flying is served by a combination of leasing and financing of entire aircraft and by the well developed range of spare engine leasing solutions offered by engine lessors and manufacturers