The Chief Executives’ Lending Forum has been launched in the wake of the 2007-8 economic downturn which has caused the lending landscape to dramatically change over the last few years and has precipitated the rise of new challengers and alternative forms of lending as the high street banks became increasingly unwilling to lend or take risk.

The global financial crisis of 2007-8 has been marked out by many as the key event that allowed new lending businesses to emerge to meet a growing demand and begin to thrive. This environment has also seen the implementation of a proliferation of alternative funding solutions including traditional banks re-thinking their lending criteria in response to strong Government intervention and initiatives to support SME’s (including QE), coupled with the impact of Fintech Lending Platforms and Challenge Funders.

The Chief Executives’ Lending Forum will examine the involvement of all the key industry stakeholders and their contribution to the market, the impact of QE, the rise of Fintech and most recently the implications of Brexit.

The Chief Executives’ Lending Forum will address:

  • The future agenda on political economic planning for the UK: Brexit – how will this affect the lending market
  • How to operate a successful lending business despite regulation and challenger competition
  • Engaging with intermediaries and optimising business development platforms
  • Product development and innovation: fintech competing on process and speed
  • Making the most of the hire purchase opportunity and lending to SMEs

    Please join us on the 29th March 2017 to join in the debate.

    Attendees at the Chief Executives’ Lending Forum will include CEO’s, Chief Operating Officers, Managing Directors and Board Members from Government Agencies, Banks, Lenders, Captives, Challenger Banks, Challenge Funders, Lending Platforms and Disruptors, Fintechs, Middle market businesses, SME’s, Brokers , Advisors, Law Firms and Management Consultants.