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The direct sell in EU markets

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone working in Europe can make is to assume that all the different markets share the same characteristics and can be approached in the same way. Leasing is testimony to that fact, with a surprisingly large variation in the contracts, laws, practice and uptake of finance by the business community across Europe One thing does, however, hold true wherever you look, namely the importance of the local connection for a successful sales effort.

Direct or indirect?

In order to reduce cost of sales and improve coverage, many companies use a mixture of direct and indirect sales channels to supply their end-user customers When considering the best way to support their parent companies, captive finance subsidiaries must take this into account as they devise their support strategy, as each channel requires a different approach. Direct sales are generally easier to address, as the parent has control of the sales force and can ensure training, integration into the sales offering and rapid resolution of any issues encountered

The rise of captive finance companies

Recent times have been difficult for everyone in the finance industry, but one kind of company has seen its position strengthened.