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Time for British business to show the world some fight

To many, the deterioration of the economic climate over the past few months would appear to be eerily similar to what happened in the run up to the financial crisis in 2008.

Barclays is lending responsibly to support business

Barclays Corporate is committed to playing our part in helping the UK economy by fulfilling our obligation to lend responsibly to businesses and help them grow as outlined in Februarys Project Merlin announcement. Although Barclays Business discontinued asset finance products for small and medium-size enterprise customers during 2010, the withdrawal of just one product from the market cannot be viewed as depriving businesses access to credit.

Business investment will grow in 2011

A period of continued uncertainty also lies ahead, as the announced spending cuts become a reality for many in the UK, but there should still be sufficient momentum in business and consumer demand to ensure that the UK economy keeps growing Indeed, it appears that the general consensus is one of slow but sustained growth, following a raft of economic data over the past few months clearly indicating that the global recovery is intact, with fears of a double dip recession having abating