Exclusive sales research

Did you know it is six times harder for a lessor to make a
profit out of a new customer than it is to do so for an existing

In a first ever, the complexities of sales management in asset
finance will be thoroughly explored in a survey due to be published
later this year by Leasing Life.

Two research agencies, Mercuri International Group and Interimus
Limited, have surveyed staff in hundreds of leasing businesses
across Europe, including Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO and Fortis.

The report will include the breakdown of salaries at various
levels of a leasing company, the details of the relationship
between sales managers and their staff, as well as challenges such
as how to defend market share, and growing volume and margin.

Recruitment issues such as staff retention, salary bonuses and
training will also be explored.

So far respondents have provided valuable insight into their own
methods of working. About 62 per cent of respondents believe the
sales skills of their staff needs to be improved – which is not
surprising considering only 20 per cent say their sales training is
aligned with their business goals.

Given the commercial pressure to achieve double digit growth,
this information should help managers make better informed