Leasing Life, in collaboration
with Tallon & Associates, publishes a monthly analysis of data
on the demand for used assets. This month we look at the
performance of assets in the machine tool sector in the 12 months
to April 2008 

Conventional large capacity

  • The demand for larger capacity conventional machine tools
    continues to increase as international purchasers become
    comfortable with purchasing online.The continuing development of
    online sales should result in steady demand within the sector.

CNC machining centres

  • Demand for larger capacity (1m plus) remains steady.
  • Noticeable reduction in demand for lower capacity machines,
    with values also starting to go down.

CNC lathes

  • Large capacity and well-equipped lathes continue to sell
  • As with machining centres, demand for lower capacity standard
    machines is reducing as they become less attractive to European
  • Recent sales of older lower capacity machines show strongest
    demand appears to be in India.

Tool room equipment

  • Steady decline in demand over the past 12 months due to the
    large number of closures within the UK tool-making sector.
  • Recent sales suggest most equipment is being sold on the
    international marketplace, either direct to end-users or through
    the UK dealer network.

Electrical discharge machines

  • The demand for EDMs has always been limited when compared with
    other areas of the machine tool sector. 
  • Limited demand in the UK for late model machines with lower
    priced equipment generally being sold for export.

Conventional gear machinery

  • Demand increased steadily over the past 12 months with the
    ongoing development of online sales. Traditionally, the only route
    to the end-user market was through the limited specialist trader
  • Strongest demand for conventional machines from developing

CNC gear machinery

  • Demand for late CNC machinery remains steady with purchasers
    being sourced within the UK and European markets.
  • Trend expected to continue as companies take opportunity to
    modernise existing facilities.