Leasing Life, in collaboration with Tallon & Associates,
publishes a monthly analysis of data onthe demand for used assets.
This month we look at the performance of assets in the construction
sector during 2007 

Tracked Dozers

  • Demand remained steady throughout much of the year.

Tracked Excavators (1 – 9.5 tonnes)

  • Demand slowed throughout the later stages of 2007 partly due to
    the slow down in general house and small contract building
  • Indications do, however, show a steadily increasing demand
    during early 2008.

Tracked Excavators (10 – 21 tonnes)

  • The main stay of the excavator range where demand never dipped
    below the average.
  • Indications for early 2008 show demand slowly increasing,
    although only the coming months will prove if the same will

Tracked Excavators (21.5 + tonnes)

  • A relatively steady demand for the higher capacity excavators
    as predominantly used for large civil projects with high capacity
  • The strengthening export market is expected to increase

Articulated Dump Trucks

  • A seasonal requirement for ‘muck shifting’ in the early to mid
    parts of the year resulted in the high requirement. This was
    increased in 2007 as work had to be carried out when the wet
    weather allowed.
  • Strong demand for much of year due to ongoing large-scale
  • Demand slowed in the later stages of the year with the slow
    down in the export market reducing demand further.

Wheeled Loading Shovels 

  •  Generally no major changes in demand for the wheeled
    shovels however as with most construction plant, leading
    manufacturers machinery will sell quicker than second tier
  • The reducing export market in the later stages of 2007 resulted
    in the negative demand fluctuation.

Site Dumpers

  •  Again, demand slowed due to the general slow down in the
    house and small contract-building sector. 
  •  Demand is expected to slowly increase during the first /
    second quarter of 2008 however early signs have not shown as

Directional Drilling

  • A continually weak UK market, which is showing little if no
    improvement in the coming months due to limited operational
  • A large quantity of second user machines are available on the
    US second user market place due to major downturn in the cabling