The Alta Group has joined up with US outfit Kropschot Financial
Services as part of a drive to ramp-up its mergers and acquisitions
advice capability.

Bruce Kropschot, the founder of Kropschot, a leasing M&A
specialist, also becomes a principal of The Alta Group, and will
serve as the managing principal of the latter’s expanded Merger and
Acquisition Advisory Division.

Kropschot, a former president of Master Lease, now known as De
Lage Landen, will also help arrange debt and equity for clients and
perform leasing company valuations.

Their combined strengths will make them attractive as advisors
to non US organizations that are exploring North American
opportunities for expansion, said Kropschot.

“There are more and more companies looking for acquisition
opportunities, especially as a means to enter new markets,”
Kropschot said. 

“This is a good time to buy, given many quality firms are
struggling to secure funding today. It’s also a good time to sell,
assuming a firm is the right fit for an acquirer, because there are
a very limited number of successful independent leasing companies