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Apak Group

Asset Finance Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Apak Group

Nibley Court, 3 Turner Drive
Westerleigh Business Park
BS37 5YX
United Kingdom

Apak Group

Nibley Court, 3 Turner Drive
Westerleigh Business Park
BS37 5YX
United Kingdom

Apak Group is a leading developer of finance apps for mobile devices.

With a client base ranging from multinational firms to independent companies, Apak Group has the expertise and experience to deliver a market-leading app, specialising in iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and HTML5 applications.

We develop and distribute a branded app across sales channels, enabling resellers to provide specific finance quotations to clients using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. These quotations can then be uploaded to the Sprint Proposal Management System.

App and e-commerce solutions for asset finance applications

Apak Group develops front-office sales solutions for the asset finance industry.

At the point of finance or leasing sale, the Sprint smartphone app connects to an innovative e-commerce website.

The solution offers a wide range of in-app functions to facilitate repayments, monitor ongoing transactions and send quotations directly to customers.

Sprint apps are constantly kept up-to-date and are only available to authorised users.

Lease finance solutions for brokers

Brokers are experienced in connecting customers looking for finance with lenders in need of customers. Even though it sounds simple, there is a complexity of successfully brokering a deal.

Manual processes can take several days, which may hinder a deal. If an automated process is used, it often connects the dealer to a specific lender.

Sprint is a lease finance eCommerce quotation and document management solution designed to separate the broker from a specific lender, while delivering a high-quality service for dealers.

Asset finance tools for lenders

Asset finance is a competitive business, where service and incentives play a crucial role.

An ideal situation is for dealers to offer finance through vendor programmes. The key element is to provide finance tools that are simple to use, add value to the dealer and are competitive against independent brokers.

Sprint connects dealers, vendors and lenders together. It is simple for dealers to use yet effectively deliver affordability to the customer.

The solution is used by some of the biggest lenders in asset finance as it helps them to recruit vendors while adding value to the dealer.

Asset and equipment finance services

A multitude of items, units or invoices can be supported on Apak Group’s wholesale finance floor-planning system (WFS).

WFS is used to fund a wide range of asset types, such as:

  • Agricultural, construction, IT and office equipment
  • Commercial and transportation vehicles, including coaches and buses
  • Brown and white assets
  • Leisure equipment such as jet-skis

WFS can pre-configure an asset type to determine which data is captured and how it is identified, valued and tracked.

We also offer factoring, invoice discounting and schedule pay products to provide the lender with a comprehensive range of inventory funding solutions.

About Apak Group

Apak Group has provided global software solutions to the banking and wholesale finance sectors for more than 40 years.

Founded in 1979, we have continued to grow and develop.

We won a tender to in-source Barclays Mercantile Highland Finance’s IT department in 1988, and acquired banking software provider BEAM and address management company LM Software in 1998 and 1999 respectively.


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