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Ex-ING Lease veterans join Grant Thornton
21 October, 2014 Accounting firm Grant Thornton has added two new faces to its business.
  • FLA members on track for FCA authorisation
    21 October, 2014 About a third of Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) members said they were well prepared for Finance Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation at an FLA conference held on the topic at the British Library.
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France feature: Europe’s biggest struggler
25 September, 2014 With the French economy off the pace in comparison to the UK and Germany, times are tough for the country’s leasing industry. However there are some bright spots, reports Jonathan Minter
  • Country Focus: Regulation to the rescue
    28 August, 2014 A concerted effort by the government in Italy stands to benefit leasing companies in the struggling Mediterranean economy. As the first signs of recovery peek over the horizon, the country’s biggest leasing players stand to reap the benefits of a...
  • Merger and acquisition myths debunked
    20 August, 2014 Leasing Life speaks to a number of accountants in order to dispel the misconceptions and get a more complete idea of what is driving so many companies to explore the M&A markets at the moment despite a still weak economic environment. Mike Cobb...
  • Steady wins the race
    20 August, 2014 Martin Nixon of United Trust Bank tells Jonathan Minter about the advantages of using brokers, and how United Trust Bank’s measured approach to growth has resulted in consistent growth
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Acquisitions proof of growing confidence
25 September, 2014 The UK motor finance market and the wider asset finance sector give cause for optimism and should attract investment capital, say Peter Landers and Christian Roelofs
  • The harvest is in
    17 September, 2014 When the phone rings in our offices, it’s very often from brokers looking for advice in starting out in the industry. It puts us in a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand, if we extend a hand to brokers with no experience, we dilute the NACFB brand....
  • The case for self-discipline and just talking to each other
    31 July, 2014 Anyone hear the word 'governance' and want to run a mile these days? I wonder if the word has slightly transformed in meaning over the recent past to become more a synonym for compliance with external regulations. Good governance practices, in a...
  • Billionaires at the races
    18 July, 2014 It was great to be invited by Santander to Ayr for the horse races in early July. The NACFB got to sponsor a couple of races, and the horse we backed came in a winner, which would have been excellent news if only we had staked more than two pounds...
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