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Fittler: Low growth of equipment investment in Germany “worrying”
31 May, 2016 Despite a positive start to the year in terms of new leasing volumes in Germany, Bundesverband Deutscher Leasing-Unternehmen (BDL) chief executive Horst Fittler has identified the projected low growth of equipment investment in Germany as a source...
  • ALD Automotive UK opens development centre
    27 May, 2016 ALD Automotive UK has opened a new development centre in Bristol to accelerate its development in new digital applications and products across the entire ALD Automotive group.
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Reviving high quality securitisation markets in Europe
24 May, 2016 Rafael Alarcón Abeti, prudential supervision adviser at Leaseurope, investigates European policymakers’ plans to revive high quality securitisation markets.
  • What is driving digitisation in lending?
    19 May, 2016 Editor Brian Cantwell snapshots a report on digitisation in lending by Timetric which finds that 61% of respondents believe digitisation improves operational efficiency.
  • Truck market driving competition
    19 May, 2016 As competition in the truck finance market rises, market players are looking at ways to differentiate themselves and attract customers. Sotiris Kanaris reports.
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Editor's Letter - new kids on the block
24 May, 2016 The growing number of entrants in the UK leasing market is having an effect on competition, pricing and market behaviour
  • Compliance without pressure
    24 May, 2016 Adam Tyler, chief executive at the NACFB, surveys the process of broker regulation in the UK
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