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BBA: Banks could leave Britain due to Brexit
27 October, 2016 The British Bankers’ Association (BBA) has warned that large banks are preparing to relocate from the UK early next year due to Brexit fears.
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A story of recovery in Belgium
05 October, 2016 The Belgian lease market has rebounded strongly over the last 12 months. While lessors cannot fully explain the factors behind this expansion, or why some sectors are experiencing decline, they are confident that growth can be sustained as the...
  • Room to grow?
    04 October, 2016 Agriculture employs 400,000 people in the UK, where 71% of land is dedicated to farming. Leasing and asset finance have long played key roles in funding this vital industry. Saad Ahmed spoke to lessors to find out how the market has changed, the...
  • Tracking the changes to UK leasing taxation
    14 September, 2016 Peter Casey, senior manager in the fixed assets tax group at KPMG, examines the most recent leasing tax consultation from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, the UK tax agency.
  • Funding SMEs following the Brexit vote
    02 September, 2016 Leasing and asset finance have opened up new ways for SMEs to finance and support their businesses. With Brexit looming, this crucial lifeline may be harder to reach. Saad Ahmed spoke to institutions to get a sense of current and future conditions...
  • Forwards for the Netherlands
    01 September, 2016 After several years of negligible growth, the Dutch leasing market took a significant step forward last year on the back of rising business confidence, reports Paul Golden
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Acquis addresses FCA concerns on underinsurance
19 October, 2016 Acquis insurance and its director Nick Leader point out fixes to the concerns on underinsurance raised by the FCA.
  • Turning business away
    05 October, 2016 The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) is turning down more advances from new alternative lenders, writes Adam Tyler, chief executive officer at the NACFB
  • What it is: blockchain
    05 October, 2016 Peter Thomas, chief operating officer of the Leasing Foundation, gives an overview of new technologies that will impact the leasing industry. This month’s focus is blockchain
  • Reorganising for the age of collaboration
    27 September, 2016 Graham Donald, managing director, Equiniti Pancredit, discusses the possible subsidence of 'digital disruption' opening up to a more collaborative approach between banks and fintech startups.
  • What it is: a guide to lease technology
    08 September, 2016 Professor Peter Thomas, COO of the Leasing Foundation, launches a regular column on new technologies that will impact the industry. This month he gives an overview of chatbots
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